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About Me

Professor Shachar, Former Dean of the Arison School of Business at IDC, has a PhD in economics from Tel Aviv University. After a post-doc period in Harvard University, he joined the faculty of Yale School of Management. After moving back to Israel, he was first the head of the marketing area in Tel Aviv University and then the dean of the business school at IDC.

During his years at Tel Aviv University, he was also on the faculty of Fuqua school of business at Duke university and in recent years he is a visiting scholar and professor at Columbia University and NYU.


Professor Shachar is a researcher in various fields in social sciences including economics, marketing, psychology and political science. His studies focus on branding, advertising, storytelling and strategic issues in fields such as the entertainment industries (e.g. TV and movies) and political campaigns and elections.


His work has been published in leading journals in various fields and have received attention from the popular news media (e.g. Wall Street Journal and Fox News). Professor Shachar serves and served as an associate editor in two leading journals and on the editorial board of other leading journals.


On the top of his academic work, professor Shachar had significant roles in Israel’s political system. He was a lead advisor in Shimon Peres’ office when Peres was the minister of finance (1989), a member of Yitzhak Rabin’s 100-days team (1992), the chief strategist in Meretz’s election campaigns (1999 and 2003).


He also published three books, two of them were novels that turned out to be best-sellers: Serendipity (2006) and “X in the middle” (2018).

Popular Lectures
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