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I feel fortunate that I was given the opportunity to teach and educate outstanding students in excellent academic institutions in the last three decades. Teaching enables us to affect the lives, behaviors, actions, practices and decisions of people in the beginning of their career.


My aims are to offer students:

  • provocative perspectives so that they would review and possibly revise their point of views

  • systematic and analytical ways and methods to tackle difficult challenges in their professional and personal lives

  • practical down-to-earth tools to improve their business skills


Currently, the three courses that I life to teach are:

  • Storytelling in business

  • Marketing (branding and advertising)

  • Management, leadership and strategy in an era of constant chaos


A brief description of each one of these courses:


The main courses that I used to teach in the past:

  • Microeconomics (Tel Aviv University)

  • Macroeconomics (Yale University and Tel Aviv University)

  • Econometrics (Tel Aviv University)

  • Political marketing (Yale University and Tel Aviv University)

  • Statistical methods in business (Tel Aviv University)

  • Statistical methods in marketing (IDC and Tel Aviv University)

  • Marketing communications (Duke university and Tel Aviv University)

  • Advance methods of marketing strategy (Duke university)

  • Management, leadership and strategy in an era of constant chaos (IDC)

  • Marketing: branding and advertising (IDC)

  • Storytelling in business (NYU, Columbia and IDC)


On the top of lectures and teaching I am leading the Arison School of Business Honors program.
We have an amazing group of students who are (1) outstanding on the academic front, and (2) highly capable in executing projects and leading people, and (3) have a strong commitment to doing-good.

Popular Lectures
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