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Management in Chaos

Ronnie Shachar likes trouble. He's discovered that trouble almost always leads to great things. Therefore he always invites trouble and sometimes he even deliberately creates disruptions in his life.
In his lecture, he brings his insights to the world of business and management. He explains that the ideal way to succeed in the chaotic world of business, is to cause directed chaos and disruptions.
Using various examples (from the Black Plague to present day Apps and games) he presents two main strategies that bring to monumental success in the chaotic business environment.
He then translates these these strategies into 5 management techniques.

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Winning Story

In this modern world, one has to be a able to tell a story.
Employees. Managers. Companies.
He who doesn't know- fails. He who does- Succeeds.
During this lecture we will understand:
(1) what is a story
(2) how does a story work
(3) how do we use stories
We will illustrate how stories can be used to communicate and convince, how they create motivation and meaning among employees, how they build organizational culture, how they form conceptional identity, how they attract investors, and how stories help each and every one of us to advance our own careers.

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Popular Lectures
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